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    Families and Students,

    It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2016 – 2017 school year.  Our district motto for this year is “PICTURE the POSSIBILITIES.”  At Rowley, we start each day picturing the possibilities our students have for their futures.  When our students embrace our vision to empower our students to be academically, socially, and emotionally prepared to reach their greatest potential, opportunities for a successful future are limitless.

    It is our goal to provide opportunities for our students to transition to their post-high school years by being college and career ready.  How do we do meet that goal?  We do not settle for mediocrity as an alternative school; we “capture their hearts so we can capture their minds.”  We picture the possibilities for our students with regards to academics and behavior.  We pictured the following and it happened:

    Our middle schoolers, when challenged, met the requirements to transition to the next grade by realizing success on the district benchmarks.  The majority of our ninth graders met the credit requirements to transition to the tenth grade. A solid percentage of our high schoolers passed the EOCs to meet the state requirements for a high school diploma. 100% of our twelfth graders met the requirements for a high school diploma through instruction, online credit recovery, and online credit attainment; as did a number of eleventh graders who accomplished that goal to become seniors within three years.  We pictured the possibilities and it happened … 20 students from Rowley received high school diplomas in the 2015 – 2016 school year.

    We will continue to picture the possibilities for this school year.  We picture students who exhibit competence in academics and who meet the state standards for assessment.  We picture an increased number of high schoolers receiving their diplomas through our online credit program.  We picture students who master appropriate social skills through the implementation of our new behavioral curriculum.         We picture students who realize personal growth through student/faculty collaboration to set behavioral goals.  We picture parents who will work cooperatively with the school to meet the needs for their student’s success.  We picture the possibility that the successes we realize at Rowley will serve as an example to alternative schools throughout the state. 

    Here at C.F. Rowley Alternative School, we picture the infinite possibilities for our students and school community; and we invite you to join us in our endeavors to turn those possibilities into reality.

    Your partner in education,


    Andree Bonnaffons


    C.F. Rowley Alternative School 



  • Each Monday, students will bring home the Student Success Planner Report, which each of their teachers have filled out highlighting their strengths and successes for the week along with any challenges the student is facing with regards to her/his behavior.  

    Students also recieve a rating on their progress toward reaching their goals of being respectful, responsible and positive.  

    We are asking that parents review this report with their child and return it to the school with both parent/guardian and student comments.

    Thank you so much for your support.

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